Safety Consultation

  • Safety Compliance

    Our core service offering is safety compliance audits, ISO standards implementation (ISO 9001, 14001 AND OHSAS 18001) by which we assist our clients with all the activities/services or requirements related to workplace compliance to Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Awareness.

    The audit findings is what then determines the next level of service offering the particular customer/client will need, this includes supplies of various safety related goods which then supplemented by provision of seta accredited training in various courses which will be needed in order to achieve total compliance and adherence to safety.

  • Safety Compliance service list
    • Project Safety Consultants
    • Construction Site Safety Consultants
    • Safety Officer On Call Workplace
    • Health and Safety Audits
    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
    • Mining Safety Consultants and Audits
    • HIRA (Risk Assessments)
    • ISO Standards Audits (9001,14001,18001)
    • Project Management
    • Emergency Evacuation
    • Plans Emergency Evacuation Procedures
    • Social Facilitation
    • Team Building Facilitation
    • Staff Motivation (Motivational Speaker)
    • Dangerous Goods Vehicles Compliance (Signage)
    • Electrical Engineering Trade Testing (Level 1-4)
    • Wireman’s Licence Testing and Certification
    • Safety Toolbox Talks
  • Skills Development Facilitation

    As part of our consultation service, we also intervene in learne and Skills Development Facilitation (SDF) facilitation for our clients. Our services enhances our clients’ safe business continuity by preventing, eliminating or minimize incidents or risks possibilities through knowledge or skills transfer to their employees for total safety.